10 Insane Items You Could Get Delivered

With many delivery services like Amazon prime delivering items from a store, Uber eats and postmates delivering food through your door, we realized how convenient it is using these services. Now, we even have groceries delivered in front of our door with Instacart thanks to Amazon prime and food delivery apps. During the COVID 19 pandemic, many delivery services became prominent because of stay at home orders and social distancing. Now, there is a growing number in unique delivery services, let’s just say there’s a delivery app service for everything you can think of to get delivered to you. With QWQER Express, we can get almost anything you need delivered same day!

items to get delivered

If your body aches enough for you to barely move, do you really want to drive to your masseuse? Not really, with Soothe you can bring a professional massage therapist to your home for a relaxed rubdown. Soothe pairs 5-star therapist that have their licenses, and background checked that are available 7 days throughout the week. Soothe also provides skincare, hair and beauty services directly to you. 


Online shopping has become very convenient not only ordering items from your phone but avoiding a salesperson. Booking a vacation is an example of online shopping without a travel agent, but what about buying a new car? Yes! Now there’s a delivery service where you can purchase a new car and get it delivered to your door. Carvana is a pickup and delivery service where you can purchase new and used vehicles, and have it delivered to your door. You can find many popular brands like a Jeep Wrangler, Honda Civic, Tesla models, Ford Mustang, and many others. 

Printer Ink

You don’t have to waste a trip to an office supply store when you don’t even know if they will have the right ink you are looking for. You can order ink on HP Instant Ink to order ink cartridges you need and have them conveniently delivered to your door. Start now with a saving ink subscription service, starting at $0.99 a month. 

HP to get delivered
Clean Laundry

Need your clean laundry delivered? Now you can using Rinse.com where you can have your clothes washed, folded, and delivered to you. The way it works is you schedule a pickup for any day of the week, the cleaning experts will clean your clothes and the clean clothes, then they deliver to you. Rinse is currently available in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington D.C. 


Although alcohol can be delivered through postmates and Uber eats, most liquor stores do not have a variety of alcohol options in their inventory. Drizly is an alcohol delivery service where you can browse through thousands of new, local, well known and not so well known alcoholic products. Select your favorite choice and we will let you know when your driver is on their way. Drizly ensures that delivery takes about less than an hour. 


Are you remodeling your room and thought about having plants but since you are so busy, you don’t have time to pop into the store to buy it? Well now there is a delivery service for plants succulents. You can order a plant or succulent at CORT and they will deliver it to your door. 

Exercising Equipment

Equipment companies like Peloton and Nordic Track not only will they deliver your exercising equipment to your door, but they will conveniently assemble your equipment together outside your home so you save extra time.

Ice Cream

Yes, you heard. Ice Cream can now get delivered through Uber Eats from your favorite ice cream parlor. You can now order your favorite ice cream choice during the summer time and get it to you and your loved ones. Uber Eats has stepped up their game by knowing their customers very well. 

Ice Cream Can Be Delivered By Uber Eats
In-Theater Movies

Wait a minute, In theater movies at home? Yes you heard. During the pandemic, Movie theatres were closed and movies that were about to be released during the pandemic were available to stream at home. Streaming services like HBO max, and Disney +, released movies so that viewers can watch them in the comfort zone of their own home. 

Watching Movies That Are Delivered

You can order personal essential, or things you can’t find at stores on Amazon Prime. If you need vitamins, clothing, iphone accessories, Amazon Prime has a variety of options from their site and through independent sellers. There is a reason why Amazon is growing as a business. 

Thanks to all these endless possibilities of home delivery services, we probably won’t need to go to any store at all. We can say that Amazon helps usher a new age of deliveries to its customers! However, more and more retailers have started to provide delivery services for everything.