About Us

Our Company​

QWQER Founder Sergey Aliev discovered the significance of rapid delivery during his time with a business that lived and died by its ability to deliver samples to clients quickly. The faster the delivery, the more likely the success.
It was a simple concept, but one that small businesses still struggle to master because there hasn’t been a delivery resource that caters to the unique needs of small businesses…

…Until now.

Sergey conceptualized the idea for QWQER —a platform designed for small businesses to access and connect with delivery drivers for same-day delivery solutions on their own terms.

QWQER launched in Shenzhen, China in 2018, where its rapid growth encouraged Sergey to share his platform with small business owners around the world. QWQER has since become the premier same-day small business shipping solutions in China, India, Europe, and now the United States and Pakistan.

Qwqer brand is an literation of quicker

Our Brand

Our brand name is a representation of who we are, and not only because QWQER is a unique iteration of the word “quicker.” Take a look at your keyboard. Just as we’ve created a faster way to type “quicker,” we’ve also streamlined express delivery service.

Small businesses now have a way to send and receive deliveries faster, more efficiently, and on their own terms.

Our Mission

To help small businesses and independent driver’s access, connect with, and build relationships with one another, thereby facilitating a faster, safer, and better marketplace for local express delivery services.

Our Vision

To create a trustworthy community where businesses are well served and individuals are fairly treated.