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Success story - QWQER provides express delivery solutions to a medical supplies company

When it comes to sharing the impact of QWQER, don’t just take it from us: listen to our clients! 

At QWQER, we know that a rising tide lifts all ships, and we are committed to our clients’ success. We love to see our clients thrive in their businesses, as happened with Elixair Medical. We recently interviewed the folks at Elixair Medical to get a sense of their story, and we wanted to share that story with you. 

Elixair Medical enjoys QWQER’s same-day local business delivery in the greater Los Angeles area. Businesses can list their individual delivery needs and find reliable drivers in the area who fit their budget. We know that independently run small businesses thrive when the power is in the hands of the owner. The platform hosts both drivers and merchants, to act as a marketplace service. 

For this deep dive, we surveyed merchants to see how QWQER stacks up against common competitors in the space. 

Getting to Know Elixair Medical

Elixair Medical offers home healthcare products in the Southern California region. Elixair Medical’s mission is to deepen relationships with customers and provide world-class home healthcare products. Their vision includes a delivery sentiment: 

“To become your provider of choice, delivering products and services to you with high ethical standards and a supreme level of care in an innovative, yet cost-effective manner.”

The services Elixair Medical provides are top-tier. Their staff simplifies the ordering process and maintains proper documentation requirements while offering a friendly face to those in need of healthcare support. Technicians also set up and instruct each customer on the proper implementation of the physician’s order and plan of care. The goal is to leave behind a positive sense of reassurance. In order to do this, they need reliable, quality delivery services that guarantee excellence every time. 

Business Operations Prior to QWQER’s Delivery Solutions

Prior to working with QWQER, Elixair Medical used a next-day delivery company, the same source from which they received their software. However, they experienced some clumsy shipping issues that made them consider looking elsewhere: “The main reason for switching for most shipments were claims. Once picked up, [the competitor] would go to their hub and our diapers would come loose. They couldn’t identify the missing boxes, and then we would have to put in claims.” Customer service and the length of time that it took to process claims were also issues for Elixair Medical that led them to look elsewhere.

Although the rate that Elixair Medical paid through a competitor service was considered affordable, was also next-day shipping, even if everything went according to plan. To provide their customers with top of the line same-day delivery, they knew that they needed to change services. 

The Power of Partnering with QWQER – How We Help

Elixair Medical reached out to the operations department at QWQER to look into our-same-day delivery services. It was apparent from the start that QWQER employees are extremely knowledgeable about the delivery industry and deeply cared about clients’ individual business goals.They found the customer service team responsive and helpful and all issues were fixed in a timely manner. This resulted in a positive experience for customers and a great representation of the brand as a whole! 

“We like the point of being able to speak with drivers directly and also getting in contact with [QWQER] and customer service right away,” Elixair Medical said when asked how QWQER changed things for their business. “Now we can fix issues ASAP so our customers don’t suffer.

QWQER provided Elixair Medical with same-day delivery and helpful customer service to their clients from this point forward. QWQER highly values the relationships we build with our clients. We work to provide them with the best customer service possible. 

Our competitors can take 2-3 business days to resolve an issue with shipments. That can sour the relationship between our clients and their customers. At QWQER, we know how important lasting business relationships are. We dove directly into the problem and did not stop until the roadblock was resolved. 

What Operations at Elixair Medical Look Like Now

After switching to working with QWQER, Elixair Medical reported a significant decrease in usual pain points. This included a whopping 95% reduction in shipping claims.

“We were putting in at least 2-3 claims per month,” explained the spokesperson from Elixair Medical. “Since using QWQER, we have reduced [costs from shipping claims] by $5,000.00.”

With QWQER, Elixair Medical has experienced far fewer issues with shipping. When an issue does arise, they can easily reach customer service to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This has been a boon for both Elixair Medical and their customers. Elixair Medical’s customers are able to receive notifications about shipments so that they can properly plan for arrival. If buyers need to be home to receive the shipment, they can make sure someone is there to receive it.


Before working with QWQER, Elixair Medical struggled to execute their shipping processes. From damaged goods to ongoing claims, working with competitors had proven to be a nightmare. Not to mention poor customer service for buyers, resulting in a loss of customer base. Since beginning to work with QWQER, Elixair has experienced a drastic change for the better in their business. 

Small business owners already have enough demands of their business to worry about. Hiring reliable delivery drivers to ensure the product makes it from the warehouse to customers should be the least of their troubles. QWQER aims to make the delivery process seamless for the merchant, driver, and end-point customer. We believe delivery services should be intuitive and easy to use, so our platform solves just that. 

If you are a small business in the Los Angeles area looking to up your shipping game, QWQER can help. We’re proud to offer solutions for businesses looking to streamline their delivery process. We even grant our customers the option to hand-pick their driving staff. Sign up today to get started!