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Same-Day Delivery

Local deliveries to customers or from suppliers.

You Set the Price

Always stay within your budget.

Keep Your Customers

The customers belong to you, not us.

Select Preferred Drivers

Choose your favorite drivers for deliveries.

Finally, A Delivery Platform
Designed For Brands In Los Angeles

Same Day Delivery

For What You Make & What You Need







It's Delivery On Your Terms.
It's Delivery Done QWQER.

Lower Fees

We charge far less than other small business delivery platforms, and you’ll receive a much longer free trial.

Choose Your Favorite Drivers

QWQER allows you to build relationships with your favorite drivers so you can keep going back to the drivers you trust most.

Your Customers Stay Yours

With other platforms, the customer is theirs. With QWQER, your customers will remain yours and yours alone.

Direct Contact With Drivers

QWQER removes the barriers often associated with delivery platforms. Talk to your drivers to get exactly what you need.

You Set the Prices

Other platforms offer set pricing. With QWQER, you can work within your budget by setting the terms of delivery.

Web & Mobile Access

Create deliveries and chat with drivers from anywhere using the QWQER web application or the QWQER phone app.

Easy Driver Management

Have drivers of your own? No problem! Use QWQER as a driver management tool to easily manage all drivers in one place.

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