QWQER Services, LLC


As a Driver for QWQER Services, LLC (“QWQER”), I hereby agree and consent to the following rules and regulations:

A. I agree to comply with all standards and procedures set forth by QWQER, either as communicated to me directly or as contained in the QWQER Company Policies which I hereby acknowledge I have reviewed, read and comprehend in their entirety. I acknowledge and accepts that adoption of QWQER corporate policies is a precondition to my accepting and performing and Deliveries on behalf of QWQER Customers and that any act I commit in contravention of QWQER policies shall operate as immediate grounds for suspension or permanent ban to Site services.

B. As a Driver performing Delivery services for the benefit of QWQER Customers, I further hereby agree and consent to:

  • A. Exercise due care and caution in operation of the delivery vehicle which shall include my strict compliance with all rules as set forth by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”). Due care in operation of the delivery vehicle shall mean, but shall not be limited to, obeying all speed limits and operating vehicle in compliance with all applicable directional signs and parking regulations.
  • B. Under no circumstance may I operate the delivery vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or when my physical or mental condition may otherwise be impaired.
  • C. With respect to the vehicle I use for delivery services, I shall:
    • i. Not use the vehicle for personal errands while going to, during, or returning from a delivery, unless so directed by Employer;
    • ii. Keep the delivery vehicle in good condition and repair;
    • iii. Comply with all rules and regulations governing safe and lawful operation of a motor vehicle; and
    • iv. Comply with such further guidelines as QWQER or the Customer may require, as permitted by law.

C. Driver/Courier Warranties: As a Driver performing Delivery services for the benefit of QWQER Customers, I further hereby agree and consent to:

a. Upload to the Site a true and correct copy of my DMV report. I agree to provide updated DMV reports upon request and will immediately notify QWQER if I am involved in any accidents or receive any subsequent citations while performing services through the Site.

b. I understand that any violation of the rules and regulations set forth herein or of any of the standards, procedures or guidelines applicable to my Driver services may result in immediate suspension or permanent ban to the Site. In particular, I acknowledge the need for utmost safety and due care in the operation of my delivery vehicle and in the conduct of Delivery services.

c. I understand and I am prohibited from carrying any passengers during a Delivery without Customer authorization.

d. I agree to only operate the vehicle approved by QWQER and will not drive a substitute vehicle without QWQER’s prior approval.

e. I agree to maintain my automobile insurance (including coverage for bodily injury, property damage and personal liability) at all times while using my vehicle for Delivery services and will inform QWQER if my insurance coverage is changed, cancelled or terminated.

f. I understand that my insurance carrier is solely responsible if I am involved in an accident that causes injury or damage to another person and/or their property. I am also aware that QWQER’s insurance does not cover my vehicle for comprehensive or collision coverage.

All capitalized terms shall have the meanings set forth in the QWQER User Agreement.

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