Fast delivery for internet shop

The courier will pick up the order quickly and immediately deliver it to the recipient

Stay ahead of the competition
Only a small part of online stores deliver orders in 1-2 days, the rest - even longer.
You can deliver on the same day

Deliver faster -
sell more

Attract users who care about speed  

Stimulate impulsive orders in your stores

Offer more convenient delivery options

Choose where to make order: mobile application or web browser

To use service you need to login in.

Personal account
Register your online store in Qwqer by creating a personal account,
and use the service as it suits you
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Multiple addresses
Arrange delivery with several points on the route
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Frequently asking

You can register both as a legal entity and as an individual

To order the first delivery, you need to fill in the company details and set up payments — it’s much easier than it sounds.
We will ask you to enter your email and your address.
You will also need to register with the Stripe payment system.

You set the delivery price yourself.
To make it easier for you to evaluate, we will offer a recommended price, which depends on the distance and road conditions.
Remember that drivers may not take the order if the price is too low.

You can!
In the system, you can plot the route as you wish.

In the event of a damaged or lost package, contact the platform’s customer support team immediately. They will investigate the issue and assist you in resolving the problem, which may include compensation, depending on the platform’s policies.