What We Offer

Our same-day express business delivery service is ideal for local businesses that need their items and packages delivered quickly and safely. Our team of experts can get your goods and packages to your customers or business partners faster than any other third-party delivery services. QWQER Delivery is dedicated to helping your business; our trained delivery specialists and courier experts work tirelessly to ensure your package gets to its destination on time by handling the packages like they were our own. We also can deliver all sorts of packages due to our years of delivery experience and working with many different types of business. So, whatever type of items you have, we can help get them to their destinations. From local flower shops to important corporate entities, we have experience working with every type of business package imaginable.

On top of being the fastest same-day express delivery service in the areas we serve, we are also the most affordable! We work with all types of businesses and can accommodate most budgets. So, even though your small business may be hitting a rough patch in today’s new business climate, we can breathe new life into it by providing you with affordable express delivery.

Here are some of the business types we proudly service:

  • Florist
  • Electronic Stores
  • Apparel Outlets
  • Corporate Business
  • Food and Baked Good Providers
  • Gifts, Presents, and Retailers
  • Jewelry Stores

Interested in germ-free delivery? Our business delivery service is by far the cleanest same-day express delivery service. All our employees and delivery specialists take the extra steps to make sure your packages interact with as little contamination as possible. So, for whatever your business delivery needs are, contact QWQER Delivery to place your order for express business delivery today! We are happy to work with your business for all of its delivery needs.

In today’s ever-changing world, we find it increasingly more convenient to just have items and purchases shipped directly to our homes. From online purchases to monthly shipments, we rely on home shipments more than ever. As this demand increases, however, we face the challenge of these packages taking more and more time to arrive. It has gotten so bad we have gotten to the point where we have to pay extra premiums to get our items faster. This causes your once 10 dollar purchase to increase all the way to twice as much to get “next-day shipping.” This issue with this, however, is that large online shopping corporations look at all items the same. If you were buying bulk toilet paper or gifts for upcoming holidays, the extra wait could be acceptable. But what if you are waiting on something important? When it comes to time-sensitive legal documents or life-saving medicine, these things cannot spend weeks in the mail system. Important items like those need to get to their destination—and get there fast.

That is where QWQER Delivery comes in. With our unmatched same-day express home delivery service, we can have all those important items to you faster than any large online retailer and at a fraction of the cost. We understand on a human level why you would need certain times sooner rather than later. That is why our trained delivery professionals work tirelessly to get you the items you ordered as soon as possible.

We also take this wonderful service a step further by offering home-to-home shipping as well. We can get confidential and personal items to all your friends and family in our service areas. This aspect of service is perfect for when you are thinking of someone special and want to show them you care while saving you time. Want to show your wife you love her and have flowers delivered to her place of work? Done. Want to send cookies to your parents, but you’re tied up with other matters? Done as well. Our same-day express home delivery service is perfect for dropping off important documents as well. So, no more having to wait for the mail system to get your check to its intended destination and worrying about your check making it there on time. QWQER Delivery is here to cut out the middleman and get your packages and important items out quickly and safely.

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As one of the most population-dense metropolitan areas in the country, the greater Los Angeles area can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to travel—especially when deliveries need to be made and getting items to a certain location on time is important to you. We all have our own share of horror stories when it comes to traversing the area. So, with travel times at an all-time high, please consider looking into our same-day delivery service in Los Angeles. QWQER Delivery Service is happy to take on the hassle of navigating the dense urban area for you and making sure your packages get delivered to their intended locations quickly and completely intact. We are dedicated to being not only the fastest courier service in LA but also the safest in terms of package handling. This is in no small part due to our unmatched customer service, dedication to reducing your delivery headaches, and focus on safely delivering your items. We believe in working smarter, not harder. So, when you order something to be delivered in the area, we do not throw it on top of a pile of other packages and send it to some massive sorting facility. Our courier picks up the item at your location and heads straight for the drop-off location. It’s that simple. Another great thing about our service is our transparency. We allow you to track your packages in real time and know exactly when the package gets to its intended location. So, no more having to wait for “estimated delivery times” or paying extra for next-day delivery that arrives three days later.

We offer both commercial and personal couriers with our same-day delivery service in Los Angeles. So, whatever your courier needs are, we can handle them. From bakers to commercial retail, we have worked with all sorts of small and large businesses in the area in addition to helping hundreds of thousands of locals get their items on time. In today’s era of social distancing, our services are perfect for those who cannot leave their homes but need certain items quickly. Contact us now to get your items delivered by the end of today.

As a leading courier and delivery service, we have worked with and will continue to serve anyone who needs same-day express delivery in all our service areas. We proudly work with businesses of all sizes and types that need their goods or items shipped out quickly and safely. From delicate glass items to standard office equipment, we can move your work-related parcels quicker than the competition ever could. We also happily work with homeowners who want items shipped to friends and family. In the increasingly socially distant world we live in, courier services make more and more sense as they are perfect for reducing contact while still getting items to your loved ones. In addition to being one of the quickest courier companies, we are also one of the safest and most affordable. Realistically, our specialty item express delivery service is ideal for everyone. Not sure if your item can be shipped and handled by our team of courier experts? Take a look at the list of items below to get an idea of packages we have handled before.

Items Shipped:

  • Flowers and Other Delicate Pieces
  • Food and Perishable Goods
  • Cakes and Baked Goods
  • Clothes and Shoes
  • Corporate and Legal Documents
  • Jewelry and Other Expensive Items
  • Gifts and Personal Items

In short, there are few items we will not ship and handle. For any and all questions as to where your item can be shipped, email or call our customer service specialists at 833-467-9737 and describe the item you want delivered. From there, they can easily walk you through the process of setting up an account and getting your shipment started. It is that easy! Let our specialty item express delivery service help you get your items shipped to their intended location the same day and at a fraction of the cost the competition will charge you.

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