Seven Women Empowerment Books

We all have an unconscious bias. For example, when we think of nurse the first picture that may come is a female. If there is a position of authority, most often think of a male. It is built into our history, the man is supposed to take care of the woman. By each day women have become more and more independent for the better. Here are 10 books that powerful women have written that encourage women empowerment, and to be who they are with confidence and fearlessness which can be delivered by QWQER Express!

women empowerment
How To Be A Badass Female CEO by Mimi Maclean

Maclean after interviewing many successful women who own companies, she accumulated enough information to put together a revolutionary book. A former student at Colombia Business School, became an angel investor. One of the most dazzling parts of her life is that she had opportunities where she could make a comfortable salary and good job security. However, she took that leap to become who she wanted to be. 

women empowerment
Becoming by Michelle Obama 

A #1 New York Times bestseller, it is an inspiring book, to show that a woman can have a family and a successful career. She describes her life from a young girl to a magnificent woman. As the First Lady of the United States of America, she has always set an amazing example for girls. To help them think about going into politics or any career where authority is demanded. She is the definition of women empowerment.

Girl, Move On by Kiana Daniels

Daniels, a founder of Real Women Real World, writes this novel to give women empowerment. To also show them how they can stand on their own feet. The book shows how to acknowledge if you are in a toxic relationship. It also teaches you what you need to do to separate yourself from someone who manipulates and abuses you. She also helps teach women how to point out the red flags in a man and walk away. A woman can’t accomplish everything she wants to with a partner who does nothing but hold them back from true success. 

Secrets of Six-Figure Women By Barbara Stanny

Unfortunately, all around the world there has been a history of putting women underneath men. Therefore, they either were not allowed to work or if they did it would be below minimum wage. However, as time goes on, we see more and more successful women, especially ones that are starting to earn lots of money. This is because other women helped aide in women empowerment. People in older days used to always laugh at the fact a woman would make more money than a man. Fortunately, now we try to embrace it for the most part. She shares facts that from her research and interviews with women that make higher than average salary by far. 

We-Read Black Girl By Glory Edim

It can already be difficult growing up in a society where men are often more rewarded than women. Think about being a women of color, that makes chances of success even harder. It includes all types of literature written by Black women and helps inspire other people that may want to achieve success. We-Read Black Girl was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. This shows it is a reputable novel to read and definitely worth buying in the future. 

Creating a Life: Professional Women and the Quest For Children by Sylvia Hewlett

There has been this embedded stereotype that a woman has to take care of the family, and if they do have a career it must come second. In this book Hewlett challenges that idea, that a woman can have both and still prosper in life. There’s no reason a female should have to pick between her family and her passion. One of the key ways to balance is to possibly take the steps to their career than taking a break when they are ready for a family then go back to work when the time is right. 

Dept. Of Speculation by Jenny Offill

People usually label women after a breakup as being so emotional and it takes them a while to move on from said break up. Without guidance it is possible for anyone to go into a negative spiral and their lives fall apart. However, in this book, Offill shows how to pick yourself back up with grace and focus on her career and family.  

Women empowerment is important

These books are inspiring to any girl or women who feels like just because of their gender they will not be able to be as successful as a male. Also, these books aren’t just for women to read, men should read these too. By doing this, maybe we all can understand as a society how hard it can be to work harder than others and still not meet the same milestones. I hope you find these books interesting and motivational enough to take action and improve your life for the better!